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Tierras de Vida is Agros' annual fundraising celebration, held in Seattle, Washington. For one evening, supporters gather to share stories, raise program awareness, and celebrate the tremendous impact Agros has on the business of poverty. This year's theme was: Dreaming With Eyes Wide Open.

Dreaming with eyes wide open

We're all dreamers. It's part of our DNA. Dreams are powerful catalysts for action and can push us to achieve things we never thought possible. Dreams make change happen.


Most parents dream of a better life for themselves and their children. But that dream isn't always within reach when families live in extreme poverty. Yes, they dream, but they can't see that dream materialize in front of them.


When families join Agros communities, their dreams start to take flight. Little by little, dreams are realized. First it's a roof over their heads. Then it's an elementary education for their children. A local clinic to address healthcare. A successful crop cycle. The ability to buy nutritious food. The chance for their children to attend high school or even university. Slowly, Agros families begin to dream with their eyes wide open.


This year, Tierras de Vida is about celebrating Agros families. The Village Acceleration Plans, which are a strategy for improved crop efficiency and quality, have been immensely successful, pushing Agros families further toward prosperity. The Acceleration Plans have helped make it possible for families to dream with their eyes wide open. You are part of this dream and we want to celebrate this tremendous accomplishment with you.