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Final Land Deeds Signed in Bella Vista 

Seven Agros Families Now Own The DEED to Their Land 

In Bella Vista, Honduras, a large land deed signing ceremony happened with NINE families! A title ceremony is the day when a family who entered an Agros village, many with very little to their name, have paid off a micro-credit loan through Agros and finally received the deed to their land parcel.

The nine families who signed their titles are now landowners!

Joel Martinez, Vice President of Programs at Agros, was present as the Agros legal representative at the ceremony. In the Agros model, land ownership is a key pillar to moving prosperity. This is one of the most impactful steps in the Agros model because we are essentially watching people exit poverty and celebrating with them as they change their family trees.

There are no handouts in the Agros model - it is a development model based on providing a "hand up" to those experiencing poverty in rural areas of Central America. This step in the process is such a proud moment for the families - as they've worked hard to earn the right to own a parcel of their own land. This is something many never thought possible.

While these families are not the first to pay off their loan, they happen to be the last families in the Bella Vista village to receive their land deeds - meaning everyone in this community has now paid off their land deed. This is an incredible moment in time when an entire village has worked to own their land, essentially working Agros out of a job. While this day is a bittersweet one, it is an incredible milestone! Many villages over the years have "graduated" to this next step - one that we step away from with a renewed spirit to continue the mission of Agros and work towards building this opportunity for more people.

Thanks to the generosity of Agros supporters over the years, we have been able to "graduate" many villages and continue working with new ones! Would you consider partnering with us in support of farming families? You can join as a monthly donor to make a significant difference in the lives of hundreds of farming families. Donate today.




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Author: Mackenzie Cruz
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