For nearly 30 years, Agros International has helped rural poor families in Latin America escape the cycle of generational poverty.

Motivated by Jesus Christ’s love for all people, and particularly for people with few resources with which to feed, clothe, and educate their families, Agros International empowers families and communities to build a life and a future founded on strength and hope. Currently, we focus our work in Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua and the Chiapas region of Mexico.

Agros believes that the causes and devastating effects of poverty are not solved quickly or by providing periodic relief and interventions. The power of the Agros model is its holistic, integrated, long-term approach to ending poverty.

The Agros Model

How exactly does Agros seek to end rural poverty? Discover the components of the Agros development model by clicking here.

Agros Hires Development Coordinator
Agros International is pleased to announce the hiring of Claire Tirtoprodjo as Development Coordinator. This position is responsible for ... Read entry
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is to restore hope and opportunity to the world's poor.

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