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Season of Giving : Why We Give

our staff talks about the inspiration behind their One Seed gifts


When you choose to invest in a cause, you embody your deepest values. When you give a gift, you embody your love for family and friends. Our One Seed catalog of meaningful gifts lets you do both.

Show your gratitude for Mom, Dad, Aunt Sally and Grandpa Jo. Warm the hearts of the people who taught you dedication, compassion and the importance of giving back. 

These presents don’t take up any room under the Christmas tree, but they will sure fill up your loved ones’ hearts. 

One Seed gifts feel good. They do good. Here’s what we’re giving to the people we love this year:


Janet Stafford - Director of Finance and Administration


One Seed gift: Clean and Safe Water
Recipient: My daughter, Julia

“It is a joke in my family how much water I drink and I can’t imagine if it wasn’t safe. I’m giving clean and safe water because I cherish the moments I get to spend in the mountains with my children.”


Anna Lehn- Marketing & Communications Manager

One Seed gift: Mom & Baby Wellness Kit
Recipient: My mom, Diane

“She taught me to waterski, sniff out the best deals, and that there’s no feeling stronger than the love of a mother holding her baby for the first time. I’m giving a Mom & Baby Wellness Kit in honor of the love my momma endlessly offers me.”


Austin Grisham- Philanthropy Services Office, Major Giving

One Seed gift: Invest in a family
Inspiration: My family

"I am motivated to invest in the holistic approach Agros takes in caring for entire families of Central America, similar to the care given by generations of my family."


Farlis Lewis- Senior Programs Officer

Photo © 2015 Oliverblue Photography

One Seed gift: Flock of Chicks
Inspiration: My son, Kenny

“Every little boy needs healthy food, a safe home, and the freedom to dream. Kenny is the reason I give One Seed gifts.”


One Seed is more than just a gift. It’s a promise. A promise to fight poverty by providing families the needed tools, resources and know-how to shape a better future. Chickens and clean drinking water might seem insignificant on their own, but together they are the building blocks are ending poverty, family by family, once and for all.

We hope you will join us in giving gifts of hope and opportunity this holiday season! Share your One Seed inspiration and recipients in the comments.


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    Carly Boyden

Marketing & Communications Intern


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