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The techniques that farmers use in their daily lives are always changing. Methods of planting crops evolve and improve, water and fertilizer efficiency become more streamlined, and on and on. Even things such as family stability can benefit from innovation as new counseling and problem-solving techniques become available.

Because Agros families are working in a world that is constantly changing, they must respond to the changes with creativity. Agros staff, especially our agricultural technicians, are always researching new ways of doing things in order to achieve more sustainability, efficiency, and ultimately a better life for the families and communities. 

Agros in-country staff are in constant contact with the communities, teaching them new ways of doing things. This includes new planting methods, new field designs that maximize water efficiency, clinics on infant health, and nutrition and diet assistance. At Agros, we believe in giving the farmers the tools to succeed, rather than handing them success, so we facilitate and help communities dream big and think creatively.