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Gender equity

We work to mitigate gender inequalities though our work in community. There are four primary objectives around equity in our work:

  • To provide tools to promote the implementation of an equity lens within the Agros programs
  • To increase the participation of women in the communities’ leadership structure
  • To reduce the inequalities that are identified during baseline assessments in each community and with each family
  • To provide our health & well-being leadership within each community with the tools needed to work with others on conflict resolution and the promotion of participation by both men and women in both public and private life.


The majority of our equity work is done through the training of community leadership to be able to work with others. Agros uses a train the trainer model where staff trains community leadership and coaches them through initial training with others in the community. Once they are comfortable to leading training on their own, they continue to work within the community on these issues. Regular monitoring and evaluation provides the feedback necessary to the community leadership to understand what is working well and areas that may need additional work.

The training provided around equity includes:

  • Learning to define equity and understand its importance
  • Looking at power relationships and how the imbalance diminishes opportunities in the community
  • Preventing domestic violence
  • Resolving conflict

Land Titles

Additionally, for those married community members being provided with land, we require that both the man and woman sign the promissory note. At the time when the land is paid off, both the man and woman’s name is on the title.