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Thank you to all who gave so bigheartedly to families in Central America in 2021!

Together with the matching funds, we raised $105,839 to give families the seeds rototillers, fertilizers, and other supplies and services they need to plant basic food crops this spring. And we still have donations coming in!

Thanks to your generosity and support, families will now be able to plant their fields this spring to provide harvest later this year, turning it into cash crops and fulfilling the holistic cycle of the Agros model. 

Families in Central America can't buy expensive processed foods. They depend on corn to meet their basic needs. Because COVID-19 continues to interrupt supply chains and caused the cost of basic food items to skyrocket, this statement is truer than ever. 

This is why the generosity of donors matters so much! Because of people like you, hundreds of families will have the seed and supplies they need to plant their fields this spring.

Thank you to the Agros community for truly living the value of “being in this together.”



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