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 Why One Seed?

   Right now parents in Nicaragua and Honduras are making their kids a nutritious breakfast,      packing their backpacks for school, or tucking them safely into bed to dream - all thanks to    you. When you give symbolic One Seed gifts to your family and loved ones, you directly            support families in need, helping them change their trajectories out of poverty.

  Why choose gifts from one seed?

   Give meaningful gifts to your family & loved ones

   Invest in dignity for families: your gifts support our participatory, holistic work with families.    Every gift invests in developing families' innate capacities and skills within a supportive          network. 
   Help end poverty forever: be part of our movement for long-term, sustainable change. Your      gift will help address the root causes of poverty and generate sustainable income for              families.

  What's a symbolic gift?

   You know that poverty doesn't end when you give a flock of chickens to a family. But we can    defeat it by partnering with families to provide a holistic, flexible package of services -            healthcare, clean water, and agricultural training - with a rigorous commitment to                    measurable outcomes. Every One Seed gift plays a crucial role in our work. To best serve          families, we'll use your investment where families need it most.