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Harvest Partners is a new program for our most faithful supporters: monthly donors.






Harvest Partners like you walk alongside families from seed to harvest
with your steady monthly gifts.



Every family needs a network of support to propel them
towards a healthy, dignified future.

Harvest Partners like you form "the village" around each of our villages. By enveloping families in a network of continuous, flexible support, you make our holistic program of agricultural support, financial empowerment, land ownership, health & well-being training, and education access possible.

Your monthly gifts ensure that there's never a "dry season" in our promise to walk alongside families who've been trapped into generational poverty all the way to dignified and prosperous futures.

Your monthly commitment offers families:

  • Steady Support: because of you, staff can walk alongside families every day of the year and develop the trusting, deep relationships that foster dignity and enable transformational change.
  • Holistic Flexibility: you fuel our holistic work in land, health, agriculture, financial services, and education. Your support helps us nimbly shift focus to match families’ changing needs over time.
  • Sustainable Impact: you facilitate strategic decision-making with families’ long-term sustainability in mind.


Become a Harvest Partner today with your monthly gift



The average cost to support one family for a year is $6,000. Help families like Juan José and Gloria's by becoming a Harvest Partner.