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Your help is greatly appreciated and contributed to amazing virtual gala. YOU truly make a difference in the lives of families in need.

Alan Garcia

Alberto Solano

Alexander Mitu

Allison Weber

Amy Youngstrom

Andrea Anderson

Bart and Berta Brynestad

Barty Brynestad

Bob Kopp

Bruce Andrews

Cathryn Klein

Craig and Whitney DeVine

Dawn Hagen

Dustin Brumbaugh

Emily Bergstrom

Eric Rey

Guillermo Mario Jiménez

Heather Ringoen

Jim Kenagy

Joanna Conan

John and Melissa Friedery

Justine Juliani

Karen Weber

Ken and Kimber Kierstead

Kristi and Kenny Drake

Kyle and Sandy Netterfield

Mackenzie Weber

Mark Weber

Molly Delamarter

Paul and Susan Moulton

Sierra Golden

Skip Li

Steve Spare

Dr. Tarkegn Melese