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Direct From The Field Webinars

I gave to empower families to escape poverty. What does that look like on the ground?

Direct from the Field webinars are your window into your support in action. We’ll bring Central America to you through interviews with families, in-country staff, development experts, and donors like you who've recently traveled.


Each webinar we'll take a look at a different community or program from the inside: 

  • How does it feel to be a father on the parent-teacher organization, trying to convince other parents of the value of an education?
  • What's a day like in the life of a volunteer brigadista who's responsible for the health of pregnant women and new mothers in her community?
  • How difficult is it to plant and harvest coffee for the first time? 

Join us every other month for an inside look at the process of developing a village, a chance to hear directly from families, and opportunities to learn about the challenges and transformative results of the work you've invested in.

Look for e-invitations to upcoming webinars in your inbox, and check back here to RSVP and get login information about the next scheduled webinar.