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Tierra Nueva Beneficio 

Beneficio means “benefit” in Spanish. Thanks to you, that’s just what this new beneficio – a coffee wet mill – will do for Tierra Nueva’s 150 coffee-growing families.                                                                                                                                                                            

We partnered with Engineers Without Borders this year to build a beneficio so families can efficiently depulp, ferment, wash, and dry their own coffee. The more farmers process their coffee, the higher a price they can command in the market for their crop. Plus dried coffee beans can be sorted by quality and size, allowing farmers to sell their best beans for a premium. Advances in technology like this beneficio leverage community resources to help farmers move up the value chain from survival subsistence farming to profitable and dignified agribusiness ownership.

Victor’s wife Candida worked in the coffee fields from age 14. For his three children, Tierra Nueva offers a different life: village school, playtime with neighbors, and the promise of inheriting land and a thriving agricultural business.