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Nicaragua shares its borders with Costa Rica, Honduras, the Pacific Ocean, and the Caribbean Sea. The largest country in Central America, Map highlighting Nicaragua, also showing the surrounding countriesNicaragua is known as “the land of lakes and volcanoes,” and its geography is filled with mountains, coastal plains, and a tropical rainforest. More than 40 percent of the rural population lives in poverty and about half of Nicaraguan workers are unemployed.

  • Total Population: 5,788,531
  • Size: 130,370 sq km
  • Average Annual Income: $1,510
  • Child mortalities per 1,000 live births: 21.86
  • Maternal mortalities per 100,000 live births: 95
  • Main exports: coffee, beef, shrimp and lobster, tobacco, sugar, gold, peanuts; cigars, automobile wiring harnesses, textiles and apparel



Our first village in Nicaragua, Futuro del Manana, was established in 1999, and is now home to 22 families. Since then, we have established eight more villages, three of which have graduated from direct support and are now self-sustainable (including Futuro del Manana!). Nicaragua is also home to our largest community, Tierra Nueva, where 150 families are building a better future for their children. Currently, we are partnering with 304 families in six villages, helping them to gain access to education, agricultural training, health care and sanitation, clean water, and other resources critical to lifelong health and success.

Active Agros Communities in Nicaragua

Two women chatting Man putting peppers in his car

San Marcos de Belén

San José

Established: 2006

Established: 2007

Father and daughter laughing Close up of seedlings

Nueva Esperanza

Luz del Mañana

Established: 2008

Established: 2008

Boy showing his schoolwork Landscape of Nicaragua

Tierra Nueva & Matagalpa Region

La Bendición

Established: 2011

Established: 2015

  • Futuro del Manana: Est. 1999, 22 families
  • Norwich: Est. 2002, 14 families
  • Aduana Dos: Est. 2003, 20 families
  • El Eden de Matagalpa: Est. 2005, 25 families


Chick being held

Community members pose for a picture

Family of seven smile for the camera

Man working in the farm

A group of young children smiling looking up

Victor, a health coordinator, holding a baby

Family of seven smiling