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Nueva Esperanza

“New Hope”

Location: El Tuma, Matagalpa, Nicaragua

Size: 344 acres

Population: 33 families / 198 people

Established: 2008

Primary Activities: Coffee, vegetables, plantains, milk cows, cattle, citrus trees, cacao, avocade, malanga, basic grains, tubers


Originally known as El Naranjo, Nuevas Esperanzas in Matagalpa, Nicaragua, is comprised of families who came together from different areas such as San Pablo, El Naranjo, La Colonia and La Garita. These families connected through their group leader, René, who learned of Agros through the nearby Agros village El Edén. Immediately, René shared information about this group with others in his church and compiled a list of about 30 families interested in collaborating with Agros. René and the families begam attending meetings with Agros to learn more about working together.

Two years later, the persistence and patience of the community paid off.  René and the families moved onto their own land and through their relationship with Agros, are learning new skills to organize themselves and develop a variety of human and agricultural development projects. Before, this groups primary agricultural activities were growing basic grains on rented land and working as day laborers harvesting sugar cane and coffee on plantations. With Agros, the families are beginning to diversify their crops and economic activities in order to keep their families together and provide better opportunities for health and education.