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Location: El Viejo, Chinandega, Nicaragua

Size: 41 acres

Population: 14 families / 69 people

established: 2002

Ended Agros Support: 2011


The 14 families of Norwich lost their homes to flooding during Hurricane Mitch in 1998. Shortly thereafter a Dutch relief organization, the Friends from Holland, helped the families purchase 6 acres of land and construct new homes. The Catholic Sisters of Carmen Laura in nearby El Viejo and a group from Norwich, England, provided a well, sink and latrine for each family’s home and a communal well for drinking water. The community is named after this generous group from Norwich, England.

The community of Norwich is located in the midst of lush sugar cane plantations. Other than the land where their homes resided, the families of Norwich had no land to grow food. The men and women in the village worked harvesting sugarcane 6 months per year, for which they earned less than $2 per day.

We have helped this community purchase agricultural land on which the families are busy growing their crops and learning new agricultural techniques. With this plan they will be able to grow their own food and have enough left over to sell in the market.