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Luz del Mañana

“Light of Tomorrow”

Location: Cardenas, Rivas, Nicaragua

Size: 151 acres

Population: 25 families / 137 people

Established: 2009   

Primary Activities: Basic grains, jalapeño peppers, plantains, papaya, tomatoes, citrus trees, and avocados


When the families of Luz del Mañana learned about the work of Agros, they were living in cramped quarters with their children, spouses, parents and sometimes grandparents. They traveled long distances daily to work on small pieces of rented land, less than 0.5 acres for their entire families’ nutritional needs.  Though the families had much experience working the land and raising animals, they were forced to face extreme hardship for not having their own land to work.  The group also was working with the local government, attempting to receive basic services such as water, electricity and a school, but was not able to receive the help they needed. It was in response to these great needs that the families sought out the support from Agros.

A member of the community had heard about Agros’ work in the region and made contact with staff. But even following contact with Agros, it has not been easy for the families.  The rising cost and decreasing availability of productive agricultural land continues to be a growing challenge in Nicaragua.  Even so, the families hung on.  After over two years of commitment, patience and trust that they would be able to find land and resources, they began their journey with Agros. In late October 2008, land was found and two months later, the purchase was approved. With land, the families have been able to produce diverse crops, start small businesses and generate income for their families’ various basic needs.  They have already formed an organized leadership team that represents the community and helps initiate various projects and trainings.