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Futuro del Mañana

“Future of Tomorrow”

Location: Tola, Rivas, Nicaragua

Size: 198 acres

Population: 22 families / 111 people

established: 1999

Ended Agros Support: 2011


We purchased the Rivas-Tola property in December 1997 as its first village in Nicaragua. After going through the family selection process, the new villagers broke ground in Spring 1999 and renamed the property Futuro del Mañana.

Futuro del Mañana is one and a half hours outside of the capital, Managua, and ten minutes off the Pan American highway. This location provides good proximity to major markets and will help the community grow. It is also just 15 minutes from the world’s tenth largest freshwater lake in a region fertile for crop growing. This property lies in the heart of an area ravaged by civil war and unemployment.

Since 1999, Futuro del Mañana has had the assistance of many volunteer work teams who have helped build houses and install a water tank. In January 2001, one and a half years after the first ground breaking, twenty-two families moved into their new homes with much celebration. Despite some families’ acute need, they chose not to move into their individual homes until all the homes were completed. Villagers are currently in the loan repayment process. They are focusing on installing an irrigation system and diversifying their crops.