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El Edén

Location: San Ramon, Matagalpa, Nicaragua

Size: 292 acres

Population: 25 families / 149 people

established: 2006


In January 2003, a group of families from different communities came together to seek help from various institutions. The group contacted Agros in 2004 after international coffee prices dropped and many were left without jobs or a steady income. The land is 80 miles north of the Agros office in Managua. It is one of the poorest parts of the country and most live on less than $1 US per day. However, the area has environmental conditions that favor the diversification of crops and the farmers already have previous experience in the cultivation of land. The group uses the land to raise livestock and to grow basic grains and coffee, the latter traditionally being the primary product of the region.

The land currently consists of 52 acres of organic coffee, 43 acres of forest, 14 acres of pasture and 95 acres for farmland. 1,420 yards of river cross the land and there are two artificial ponds. There is also a 66-foot waterfall which could potentially be used as a source of hydroelectric power. With the purchase of the land, the group received a house large enough to serve as a community center, corrals for livestock, coffee processing equipment and the crops left on the land.