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Aduana Dos

Location: Villa del Carmen, Managua, Nicaragua

Size: 103 acres

Population: 20 families / 117 people

established: 2003

Ended Agros Support: 2009


In February of 2002, our Nicaragua staff met with a local missionary who had volunteered in Aduana providing services in human development. Unaffiliated with any organization, she held prayer meetings and led workshops with women about issues of health, domestic violence and parenthood on an independent basis. She learned of Agros through our work in Rivas (the first Agros village in Nicaragua, Futuro del Mañana)

In February and March of 2002, we led informational workshops in the community to explain the Agros model. Between February and August, we identified the families of greatest need although there was not yet land available.

When the group of the first fifteen families was finalized in April of 2003, 103 acres of land adjacent to the community was purchased. In May the families began planting corn on informal, individual plots that they chose for themselves.

The families of Aduana Dos have since begun a number of projects within the community, including the construction of an irrigation system to provide their crops with water during the dry season. Apart from long-term hopes for well-being and agricultural and economic success, the families hold a range of specific visions for the future, including establishing a women’s committee, expanding their farming projects to include raising pigs, chickens, and cows and constructing a park.