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Nuevo San Pedrito

“New Saint Peter”

Location: Villaflores, Chiapas, Mexico

Size: 178 acres

Population: 18 families / 87 people

established: 2005

Ended Agros Support: 2011

A group of 20 families from San Pedro Chenalhó received 250 acres from the federal government in 1994. During the first three years the 20 families moved on and off the land intermittently until 1997, when 13 of the families moved onto the land permanently. They survived by planting corn and beans, fattening pigs, breeding chickens, and working as day laborers on the nearby farms. They also had some experience with other government projects, but lacking appropriate technical training, they had limited success.

Since partnering with Agros, the families have been working to improve infrastructure within the community and begin projects that will help them support and sustain themselves. With training and assistance that provided community members with useful tools and skills, the community was able to move towards environmental, economical and organizational sustainability.