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Espinal Buena Vista

“The Good News of the Thornbushes”

Location: Villaflores, Chiapas, Mexico

Size: 706 acres

Population: 30 families / 166 people

established: 2007

Agros Direct support has ended

First established as a community in 1990 in the municipality of Bochil, the families of Espinal Buena Vista lived in an ejido, a community of indigenous people in Mexico who receive land from the government, which is then communally owned. Since 1994, however, the families moved to other land and formed an ejido in Villaflores after a conflict in land ownership with another community receiving state land. Though the group has received assistance from other outside sources and the local government, in 2005 the community applied for assistance from Agros, namely in the form of technical training in raising cattle and other animals, agriculture, conflict resolution and community education, forestry and flowers and the commercialization of their products.

The families of Espinal Buena Vista are proud of their community and to be owners of their land. As a community they work together and look after any family’s needs when someone is sick. The members are grateful for their homes, school and sports field, potable water and electricity systems, good road and market access, 250 acres of forest area, a fresh water spring and three rivers. The families primary productive activities include raising cattle, corn, beans and poultry.