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Nuevo Amanecer

“New Dawn”

Location: Masaguara, Intibuca, Honduras

Size: 140 acres

Population: 12 families

Established: 2004

Primary Activities: Women's small businesses (bread, jamaica), sweet potatoes, plantains, small livestock, and cucumbers


This community began forming in 2004, with families joining from several different communities and the purchase of the land in that year. The initial two years experienced a slow start (when the community was named Agros Uno) and resulted in a change of families over time. Since May 2006 we have worked to restructure the community, which is now solidifying with the arrival of a group of new families from nearby Campanario Uno.

Situated in the Otoro Valley, near the community of San Antonio de Masaguara, the families are building homes and garden plots that will have road access and potable water and are environmentally designed to reduce the amount of damage to green areas. A reservoir to provide water for the animals and irrigation of 40% of the farmland during the dry season has been designed and will supply water during the dry season.

In order to maximize sustainability of economic activities, the families of Nuevo Amanecer together with our staff are working on a three-year strategic plan. The plan consists of communal productive activities assisted by our field staff and includes: cultivation of wood-bearing trees, basic grains and vegetables, raising cattle and improving nutrition with milk, eggs, and fresh produce from family gardens. We also support the community to continue strengthening existing partnerships and to grow in areas of preventative health and leadership development.