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La Piedra de Horeb

“The Rock of Horeb”

Location: Santa Barbara, Honduras

Size: 141 acres

Population: 25 families

established: 2008

Primary Activities: Basic grains, corn, fruit trees, coffee, livestock, plantains, chilis, and tilapia


In April 2002, a group of twelve landless farmers working as field workers for landowners in the northern part of the Gualala Santa Barbara region, came together to organize themselves in order to purchase land. As a result, one landowner took heart in their cause and decided to lend a piece of land to the group, hoping that the National Agrarian Institute (NAI), an institution devoted to agrarian reform in Honduras, would help them purchase the land. While actual purchase through the NAI never worked out, they nevertheless spent four years cultivating beans and corn until they made contact with Agros Honduras staff. Our staff then spent more than a year working with these farmers, sharing information on the Agros model and providing training and accompaniment while the families waited for land and support.

Since receiving their land, the families have organized themselves and formed a leadership team as well as Production, Security, Commercialization and Health committees. The groups are effectively producing their own food to provide nutritional security for their families, including nearly 50 acres of corn and beans. Farmers have received training in organic agriculture and improved techniques for growing basic grains and plantains. Women have received training in using nutritious plants to improve their families’ health and two members of the community received training to serve as community health promoters.

The community began an adult literacy program in late 2013 which has provided an opportunity for both men and women to learn to read and write.