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Brisas del Volcán

“Mists of the Volcano”

Location: Santa Barbara, Honduras

Size: 117 acres

Population: 20 families / 72 people

Established: 2006

Ended Agros Support: 2014

In August of 2005, an alliance was made with the NGO, Cultural Association of Honduran Peoples (ACPH), an organization that works with groups of families in the Santa Barbara region. ACPH proposed several communities to Agros International, but of all of the proposals only three met the conditions established. One of these was Brisas del Volcán.

This is the first time we had done any work in this area. At the time, Brisas del Volcán was 100 miles from the nearest Agros community (Nuevo Amanecer). The families received training in growing basic grains and cash crops, conservation of resources, composting, organic agriculture and planning.

The land provides the families with multiple natural resources, including two rivers, a spring and a lagoon that can be used for irrigation. A 22,000 gallon water tank currently on the land is being used for irrigation. With a road only two miles away and public transportation available, the families have ready access to the local market. The soil on the farm is fertile and high in nutrients, which has been ideal soil for growing crops such as grains, vegetables, coffee and plantains. Many of the women in the community have joined together to start a plantain chip business, which has been profitable.