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“Place of the Sugar Mills”

Nebaj, Quiché, Guatemala

Size: 635 acres

Population: 61 families / 420 people

established: 2000

Ended Agros Support: 2010

Also known as La Trinidad (the Trinity), Trapichitos is an Ixil community that has persevered through great challenges. Squeezed together for many years on just 25 acres of land, the original 85 families organized themselves to purchase land 25 minutes from their homes. After five frustrating years and many fruitless attempts to acquire land, the community approached Agros for assistance in April 2000. We had never worked with previously organized groups in the Ixil, thereby, presenting a new opportunity. With our support, local leaders finally had the financial backing to approach the landowner. The 635-acre tract of Trapichitos was purchased in November 2000.

With their new land, this persistent and faithful community planned and completed a number of infrastructural projects. On the old property, they replaced their temporary houses with permanent ones. The new tract of land has been used for planting a fruit orchard and a communal coffee plantation.

Atlas Coffee Importers LLC, a Seattle-based coffee wholesale buyer/distributor, formed an important partnership with Trapichitos. A representative visited the village in early 2003 to conduct a formal coffee tasting both to instruct the growers and to ensure a high level of quality before purchase. Atlas Coffee Importers has been Trapichitos primary coffee buyer and continues to act as a distributor/roaster to coffee roasters worldwide.

Trapichitos is a 35-kilometer drive from the municipal capital of Nebaj. A road has been built from Nebaj to Trapichitos but severe washouts and mudslides during the rainy season continue to challenge safe passage.