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San Nicolás

“Saint Nicholas”

Location: Cotzal, Quiché, Guatemala

Size: 16 acres

Population: 15 families / 56 people

established: 2004

Ended Agros Support: 2011

Two hundred years ago Don Pablo Itzep Utuy relocated from San Francisco el Alto (in the department of Quetzaltenango) in order to live within this community. At the time, about ten families lived on this land where they farmed and built their houses. They lent Don Pablo about nine acres of land to build his own house and farm. Today, those who live in San Nicolás are mostly the descendants of his son, Don Nicolás Itzep.

The families living on the land have some access to electricity and potable water. They focus on farming and selling their products in local markets. The majority speaks the indigenous language of Quiché. They are currently paying off their land loans.