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Los Ángeles

“The Angels”

Location: Cotzal, Quiché, Guatemala

Size: 111 acres

Population: 50 families / 325 people

established: 1992

Ended Agros Support: 1998


Three ministers from the town of Cotzal heard about the village of Xeucalvitz and inquired with Agros if they could form another village near their own town. Agros helped the villagers purchase land to establish Los Ángeles in 1992.

In six years the villagers built fifty homes out of cement block and adobe. They learned new agricultural skills and techniques and constructed a school for the village. The school now has six grades and educates over 250 children from around the region.

With support from the Rural and Urban Council of Cotzal, the villagers installed electricity in their homes. Los Ángeles experienced rapid growth due to good collaboration within the village.