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La Bendición

“The Blessing”

Location: Cotzal, Quiché, Guatemala

Size: 83 acres

Population: 26 families / 164 people

established: 1997

Ended Agros Support: 2011

Agros purchased the land for La Bendición in two phases. Most of the land was purchased in the summer of 1997 and the remaining 23 acres were purchased in November 1998.

The villagers began clearing and leveling the land for their homes in the summer of 1998. A donated tractor and a Guatemalan volunteer driver cleared an access road to the village, easing the transport of materials. The community constructed 25 homes with latrines and efficient cookstoves and gained access to potable water. They also built an irrigation system for their fields. Villagers have planted coffee, fruit trees and corn on the land. They constructed a school where two teachers hold classes for the village children.

The community had the opportunity to buy an additional 23 acres in 1998 and then chose to add five families, including two widows, to their village instead of increasing their personal holdings.