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El Paraíso

“The Paradise”

Location: Nebaj, Quiché, Guatemala

Size: 93 acres

Population: 31 families / 167 people

established: 1995

Ended Agros Support: 2004

We purchased this land parcel in January of 1995. In order to find families to live on the property, we asked several local ministers and Christian leaders to present Agros’ vision to their congregations.

Construction began a year and a half later. By 1997, villagers and volunteers had built 25 homes, installed water and irrigation systems and started organic farming and animal husbandry projects. Villagers also founded an adult literacy program that now serves over 40 adults.

The women of El Paraíso received a donation for a corn grinder to alleviate the two-kilometer walk to a neighboring village to grind their corn. The village has constructed a school, a community center and a clinic with a nurse who visits twice a month.

Because El Paraíso is on the main road, it allows commercial access to local markets in the provincial capital of Nebaj (seven kilometers away.)