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Buen Samaritano

“Good Samaritan”

Location: Barillas, Huehuetenango, Guatemala

Size: 492 acres

Population: 45 families / 293 people

established: 1986

Ended Agros Support: 1995

Buen Samaritano is our first village. The Christian Beneficence Association (ACB) founded Buen Samaritano in 1977. Sixty families spent four years building houses and cultivating farms, but in 1981 war forced them off their land.

The families returned three years later. With help that we provided, the villagers and the ACB rebuilt the houses and installed water and sewage systems. The families grew coffee and cardamom for export, fruit for the local market and started other small businesses. The effort paid off in November 1995 when the villagers received the title to their land.