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Buen Camino

“Good Way”

Location: Playa Grande, Quiché, Guatemala

Size: 118 acres

Population: 18 families / 117 people

established: 1987

Ended Agros Support: 1995

The Christian Beneficence Association of Guatemala (ACB) along with a group of missionaries from CAM International established Buen Camino in 1978. Like nearby Buen Samaritano, 18 families worked for several years to turn 118 acres into a prosperous farming village. They were forced to abandon their efforts in 1981 due to war.

The families started over in 1984. In consultation with Agros, they rebuilt their houses and cleared the land. They built a potable water system, sanitation facilities and a church. The villagers have begun to grow coffee and cardamom for export as a source of income.