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Nuevo Renacer

“New Birth”

Location: Suchitoto, Cuscatlán, El Salvador

Size: 94.8 acres

Population: 26 families / 158 people

established: 2005

Ended Agros Direct Support: 2013

In March of 2005, 65 families from various communities, the majority tenant farmers, organized themselves to purchase land and to build their own community. Many of these families left their places of origin because of armed conflicts that affected the country and are now working to improve their living conditions and economic incomes. In the past they rented low-quality land for the cultivation of simple grains and various vegetables for between $30 and $40 dollars a year, a price that their production income generally did not cover. Twenty-six families were chosen from the original 65, and ninety percent of these families had experience in agriculture (sowing of basic grains and some vegetables).

Several members of the community had worked together on other projects in the past including accounting, masonry, carpentry, baking and fish-farming. The members of the community asked us to help with training in computation, culinary skills, shoe-making, and the marketing of agricultural products to further improve their lifestyles. Agros also worked to help them receive support from the local Suchitoto government for mutually beneficial projects such as the improvement of the road, potable water and electrical energy.

The land that the group purchased is roughly four miles from the market of Aguilares and about five miles from the market of Suchitoto. The community has plenty of natural resources, including a nearby river during the rainy season and a water source about one mile from the village.