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La Esperanza

“The Hope”

Location: Suchitoto, Cuscatlán, El Salvador

Size: 185 acres

Population: 20 families / 114 people

established: 2003

Ended Agros Support: 2013

The families of La Esperanza come from various communities in El Salvador but were displaced from their villages of origin during El Salvador’s civil war. In 2002, the families came to Agros asking for help, hoping to become part of an existing Agros village. However, we advised that the ideal option would be to form a new village.

We began to meet with the families regularly, beginning the process of family and land selection. In one meeting they discussed the profile of a good neighbor, qualities the families wanted to have as neighbors and qualities they wanted to avoid during the process of integration as a community.

After the selection process, we purchased the land and the families moved there in May 2003. The village harvested their first crops in December 2003. They installed a water system and built a community center with the help of service teams. In 2008, the families purchased an additional 67 acres of land to continue diversifying their income-generating projects.