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El Milagro

“The Miracle”

Suchitoto, El Salvador

Size: 264 acres

Population: 24 families / 137 people

established: 1999

Ended Agros Support: 2011

El Milagro is the result of a partnership between Agros and Habitat for Humanity, El Salvador (HFH/ES), and is our first village in El Salvador. Located one hour from San Salvador in the Suchitoto region, this property, which was a frequent battlefield during El Salvador’s civil war, lay unused for many years. As the smallest and most densely populated country in Latin America, land in El Salvador is quite expensive. An anonymous donation paid for the land and the start-up costs associated with building this new village.

Agros and HFH/ES local staff conducted a community member selection process. Some of these families are repatriated refugees who had lived the past eight years on a small plot of land with no access to clean water, healthcare, employment opportunities or schools for their children.

Partnering with us has brought new hope to the families of El Milagro. With land to farm, technical and human development assistance, and the opportunities to use micro loans — this community has the support to break free from the cycle of poverty.