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La Bendición 

This spring, with your help, we partnered with 50 families to launch La Bendicion, OUR FIRST NEW COMMUNITY SINCE TIERRA NUEVA. 

“I’m so happy to be here,” says Walter, one of the founding partners of La Bendición. “This is a fertile land … We know that if we plant corn we will harvest corn and if we plant beans we will harvest beans. It is a blessing. I feel happy and at peace here.” 
The master plan for La Bendición incorporates 30 years of learning into a model that tackles past challenges, like lack of water and family attrition. This spring The Global Studio, our design partner, helped us select fertile, well-positioned land and engage families in a participatory design process. Families helped make key decisions around lot size and housing placement in one of the final community layouts, shown on the left. They’ve nearly completed housing, water, and community infrastructure construction, laying the foundation to build the community of their dreams.


Nicaragua Regional Project Update

After weighing our resources and commitments, we have curtailed our work with families in adjacent communities to focus on the families in La Bendición. Rather than overreach, we’re committed in 2016 to delivering quantifiable results to you and our families. By focusing this next year on agricultural market development, we can help our six current villages develop sustainable farming businesses and move our work toward a funding model that will recycle more of your donations back into crop investments.