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Covid + Hurricanes = Urgent Crisis in Central America

Agros families need your support now


Here is the situation: food shortages as a result of COVID-19 food chain disruptions and skyrocketing food prices plus widespread destruction in the region from several recent hurricanes are pushing rural Central American families into hunger and poverty. Families who are already living in extreme poverty are not able to feed their families.

Yesica’s family lives in rural Guatemala. Normally, her mom stays at home with Yesica and her 2 siblings while her dad works as a day laborer. But when COVID-19 hit, Yesica’s dad lost his job, and with it, the family’s sole source of income. 

As the pandemic raged on, her parents went to bed every night unsure how they’d keep their little family safe and fed. Yesica's father's work was already unstable. But with less work in the fields, his income became more inconsistent. Each morning he would wake up not knowing if he would be able to find work that day.

Then, when the hurricanes hit, things got even worse for them. 

In the Ixil region, nearly 70% of children are malnourished. Most people in the region are living well under the global poverty rate of $1.25 per day. Families struggle to survive on sometimes less than $0.50 per day.

Will you step up today and make an urgent gift to help families in need? Thanks to a special $20,000 matching gift available through June 30th, you have the chance to DOUBLE your impact right now. This special matching gift offer will turn your $15 into $30, ensuring that TWO farming families have what they need to plant crops this spring so they can provide for their families. When you give before June 30th, your impact will be doubled because of the match.

Your gift is urgently needed now so families like Yesica’s can receive what they need to recover from the combined disasters of COVID-19, food shortages, and the destruction of the recent hurricanes. Your donation will mean a farmer will be able to plan for their family’s future by planting new crops now to keep them from going hungry this year.

Your gift will give families what they need to combat the threat of chronic childhood malnutrition, hunger, and poverty.





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Author: Mackenzie Cruz
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