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To Health! Salud de Tierra Nueva 

Tierra Nueva Health Center opens to benefit 5 Agros communities. 


Recently, the Health Center in Tierra Nueva, San Benito Sector in Nicaragua, was inaugurated. The project was executed with funds from the Rotary Club and Agros International, with a total investment of US $20,000.00.

As you can see in the photos, the previous Health Center was small. The Center did not meet the needs of the community, especially with so many people being served and with growing nearby villages. The construction crew were able to improve and expand on the current building to double the size and build multiple bathrooms and rooms for the full-time clinic staff.

This project will benefit 5 communities: Las Cuarentas, La Medalla, Guapotalito, Hilipo and San Benito. There are 2,500 inhabitants who will have access to primary health services.


What were the conditions of the health center before?

“The Health Center already existed, but it did not meet the basic conditions for patient care, because before Agros bought the property this was a cattle farm and the health center was the home of the milker or butcher. It was a small place and patients had to wait in the sun to be seen ,” said Dora Barrera, Tierra Nueva Health Brigadista.

As you can see in the photo, the previous building was small and incapable of meeting the needs of the community. Now, the brigadistas at the center will be able to see more people at one time. They can also ensure more sanitary and safe conditions for visiting patients.


How do families feel about this Health Center?

"Thanks to God, to the Rotary Club, and to Agros for this great project. We have an excellent health center, the best in the area. Now we can treat patients in better conditions," Dora Barrera, Tierra Nueva Health Brigadista (term for health consultant).

“It is a huge change, the health center has excellent conditions to attend to patients, we have a waiting room, an attention room, we have a private space to attend to patients, bathrooms, a meeting room and a space to carry control of patient documentation. It is a great project that guarantees access to health for families in our communities,” said Jhony Rugamo, the Doctor who runs the Health Center.

The launch of a project this large has been such an exciting time for the Tierra Nueva community. Thank you to the continued support and generosity, we’re able to produce larger-scale projects that address long-term problems. With Health & Well-being as a priority in a community, the residents are able to learn new habits and pass those on to their children. See more photos of the grand opening below!



Si le gustaría hablar la historia en español, aquí está - escrita por el oficial de Proyectos y Communicaciones, Cesar Velasquez.


Centro de Salud en Tierra Nueva, Nicaragua

Recientemente fue inaugurado el Centro de salud en Tierra Nueva, Sector San Benito en Nicaragua, proyecto que fue ejecutado con fondos Club Rotario y Agros Internacional, con una inversión total de US$ 20,000.00.

Este proyecto beneficiara 5 comunidades: Las 40’s, La Medalla, Guapotalito, Hilipo y San Benito, son 2,500 habitantes que tendrán acceso a servicios de salud primaria.

¿Cuáles eran las condiciones del centro de Salud antes?

“El Centro de Salud ya existía, pero no reunía las condiciones básicas de atención a los pacientes, porque antes que Agros comprara la propiedad esta era una finca de ganadería y prácticamente el centro de salud era la casa del ordeñador o mayordomo, era un lugar pequeño y los pacientes tenían que esperar bajo el sol para ser atendidos”. Dora Barrera, Brigadista de Salud de Tierra Nueva.

¿Como se siente las familias con este Centro de Salud?

“Gracias a Dios, a Club Rotario y Agros por este gran proyecto, tenemos un excelente centro de salud, el mejor de la zona, ahora si se puede atender a los pacientes en mejores condiciones” Dora Barrera, Brigadista de Salud de Tierra Nueva.

“Es un enorme cambio, el centro de salud reúne excelentes condiciones para atender a los pacientes, tenemos sala de espera, sala de atención, contamos con un espacio privado para atender a los pacientes, baños, sala de reuniones y un espacio para llevar el control de documentación de los pacientes, es un gran proyecto que garantiza el acceso a la salud a las familias de nuestras comunidades”. Jhony Rugamo, Medico que atiende en el Centro de Salud.







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