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Milk and More!

How you helped kids escape malnutrition

A Story from our Spring 2021 Newsletter

Every mother wants to see their child grow up healthy and happy, but María Estela Us Castro worried she would never be able to experience this with her babies Domingo and Guadalupe. She said:

"There is sadness when we cannot help our children be healthy and see them play happily with smiles."


Limited work in their village made it difficult for María and her husband Juan Otoniel to feed their family.

Then, COVID-19 and Hurricanes Eta and Iota hit, and the few jobs available became even scarcer.

María's only child at the time, Domingo, was a little over a year old and suffered from severe chronic malnutrition and respiratory illnesses. María explained, "We were an unprotected family without help to confront poverty or food insecurity."

Because of your generous support, María and her family have been receiving basic foods like eggs, sugar, oil, rice, and beans, as well as milk and vitamins for her baby.

In December, María gave birth to her second child, Guadalupe. During this pregnancy, María was assisted with prenatal care.

Domingo's growth is being closely monitored, and María is happy to share that her son has grown two centimeters in the last two months! With your help, Domingo will be a happy and healthy big brother to his baby sister.

You have made the climb out of poverty possible for María and Juan. Thank you!






If you'd like to support families like María and Juan's, please donate if you can.

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Author: Emma Najarian
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