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Meet German & Maria Ester

Your 2016 Tierras de Vida Guests



IT's our turn to return the favor

If you've been to an Agros community, you know what it feels like to be welcomed in.

Kids pop their heads out of doorways and run out to find playmates as you walk up. You're ushered in to share lunch with a family, exchange stories, lift each other up in prayer.

The families of our communities generously welcome us into their homes throughout the year.

Tierras de Vida, our fall celebration & fundraiser, is our turn to return the favor. It's our unique chance to welcome one family - we look for natural storytellers who'd feel empowered by sharing their experiences and advocating for others - into our community and homes here in America.



German & Maria Ester from PIedra de horeb

This year we're honored to welcome German and Maria Ester.

They hail from Piedra de Horeb, a community of 25 families in Honduras, and if you feel like you already know them, that was all part of the plan ...

Most of you have a close personal connection to families in villages you've traveled to. It's the Agros way, to go deep, spend meaningful time together, and come back to support the families who come to be your friends. Since we can't send you all to Piedra to get to know German & Ester in advance, we thought we could at least sprinkle in tidbits of their journey in publications throughout the year.

Pop quiz: do you remember what they farm?

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


10,000 points if you guessed fish.



100,000 if you remembered it's tilapia.



And 1,000,000 point bonus if you noted the success Piedra's families have had by organizing as a small registered business to collectively negotiate strong prices for this profitable, in-demand product.


We're honored that German & Ester have agreed to leave their two children, two teeming ponds of tilapia, pigs, chickens, fields, and Ester's business in the care of family, friends, and Agros staff for a weeklong journey to Seattle.

They're excited to see your home and for the chance to advocate for your continued commitment to every Agros family on the long road to prosperity.

I could tease you with more details from German & Ester's story - like pictures of their adorable dog or the back story of Ester's women's cooperative business - but I'll save those for later this month ... 

how can I RSVP to meet german & ester at Tierras de vida?

I'm so glad you asked.

Your invitation is on its way, via mail or email next week. Registration will open on July 13 at

In the meantime, start thinking of friends you'll want to invite! Tierras de Vida is a powerful opportunity to lend our hearts and ears to one family's unique Agros story of risk, hope and opportunity. For one night we give German & Ester the stage to honor them, celebrate a year of achievements, and come together to walk alongside every family in the coming year.

Want to make a bigger difference? Consider hosting a table or becoming a corporate sponsor to leverage more voices for families. More information on hosting and sponsoring available here

Who's excited for September 23rd?


  Anna Lehn





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