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Love the work you do

My Agros internship experience


My name is Carly and up until a few weeks ago, when I jumped on a plane to Central America, I was working as the Marketing and Communications Intern at Agros.


“How was work today?” is a question I’ve been asked by my parents for most of my young adult life. My eloquent response was always, “eh, it was okay” or even better, a graceful eyeroll. But 2 ½  months ago I found myself shaking with excitement as I eagerly divulged the happenings of my first day at Agros to my stunned parents.


What made my internship experience so special?


I felt empowered. Every time I walked into the office I felt valued and important. I wasn’t doing Starbucks coffee-runs or cleaning the break room; I was utilizing my skills in a meaningful way and was constantly given high-responsibility tasks. This level of trust allowed me to grow immensely, both personally and professionally.


I gained tons of real life work experience. One of my favorite parts about my work at Agros was that I was continually gaining an abundance of knowledge. I was an active participant in meetings and discussions and was included in every aspect of the organization’s wheel-house. From donor relations and fundraising to marketing and social media, my resume is now full of valuable skills.


The staff became my extended family. From day one I felt welcomed and accepted by the 15 other staff members. The fact that Agros is a small helps to create a tight-knit bond, but more than that, the people who work here are just simply the best. From the exchange of smiley greetings in the morning to the heartfelt devotional sessions, I had an amazingly supportive group of co-workers friends. Their warmth and love made me excited to come to work each morning.


I was inspired every single day. The more I learned about Agros and the upcoming plans for prosperity, the more invested I became. Listening to Alberto, our Executive Director, speak so eloquently and passionately about the mission gave me chills and that same dedication radiated through each and every staff member. I was surrounded by people who were eager to be a part of something bigger- something huge. I was reminded everyday, through the spirit of the staff and the generosity of our donors, that you’ve got to pour your heart into everything you do.


What’s next?

Whether or not Agros is my forever home, I now know what to seek and expect from future employment. I want to work in a setting that encourages my strengths and creativity, by valuing my skills. I need to work with people who energize and inspire me to do better. And most importantly I must work for a cause I fiercely believe in.  

My internship at Agros has been a dream come true - I will be forever grateful for the friendships I’ve made and the experiences I’ve had.


  Carly Boyden

    Marketing and Communications Intern



P.S. Follow Carly onto her next adventures - and learn a thing or two about traveling on the cheap - on her website:


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